James Sizemore is a composer and music editor known for his work producing music for films ranging from “The Hobbit” trilogy to “Spotlight”.

Recent projects include “The Pale Blue Eye” by Scott Cooper, David Cronenberg’s “Crimes of The Future” , and Greg Mottola’s comedy “Confess, Fletch”.



James Sizemore is a composer and music editor with notable credits in film and television. Recent projects include The Pale Blue EyeConfess Fletch, and Crimes of the Future.

Previously, James produced the score for the Oscar winning independent film, Spotlight, and spent 3 years working with director Peter Jackson and composer Howard Shore, orchestrating the music for The Hobbit Trilogy.

With a versatile background in many musical styles, he has ranged from the big broadway musical numbers written for  OJ:The Musical  to the ambient soundscapes heard in David Cronenberg’s films Maps to the Stars and Cosmopolis. His versatility can also be heard in Jon Stewart’s film Rosewater, where ethnic Persian soloists intermingle with hip-hop and rock influences.

James is an Artist in Residence at Bard Music Conservatory, teaching a course on film music. He has also served on the faculty of New York University and the City University of New York. He lives in the Hudson Valley, NY with his wife and daughters.


Algorithmic Art Collection

Algorithmic Art Collection

On the latest album, Treatise, I had the great pleasure of working with my favorite Algorithmic Artist, @ed.creativecoder. He created audio responsive videos, with artwork that develops by "listening" to the music! This collection will be part of our first ever NFT...

Movement Centers

Movement Centers

The lead single, Movement Centers, from my new album of piano works is out today. Every friday a new single will be released, each one showcasing a particular musical puzzle. See the videos below to see how the piece was constructed, and to admire the audio reactive...

New Album of Piano Works

New Album of Piano Works

Adding finishing touches to 9 new solo piano works I’ve been writing and recording this summer. Each one features a little musical puzzle that highlights a technique I use throughout my music. New album release in October! 🎹🎶🎵



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