Funny Boy, coming soon!

Funny Boy has been selected as Canada's entry to the 2021 Oscar Oscars, in the international film category. The trailer is now out, and the movie will be streaming on Netflix on December 10th. I worked as the music editor on the film, and helped to produce the...

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Pieces Of A Woman Release

Pieces of A Woman is a riveting film with some outstanding performances, and the music score is an absolute original! I was the music editor for the film, and spent much of the summer delving into this deeply moving story. In Select Theaters December 30, 2020. And on...

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Back to School!

It's been over 10 years since I taught college at NYU and CUNY, and I've missed the classroom over the years. This fall however, I am going back to teaching and joining the faculty at Bard Music Conservatory under the direction of Oscar winning composer Tan Dun. I...

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Teldex Studios

Recording at Teldex studios in Berlin this week. Teldex is a beautiful studio and the orchestra was fantastic. It had been years since I recorded there, and even though we had to produce the recordings remotely, it was still a thrilling performance and recording. We...

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Past Lives-Music Video

The first music video for my new album While Being has been released today. The album doesn't come out until 3.20.2020, but here is an adavance release of the 3rd track from the album, Past Lives.  Take a look into one of the finest recording...

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Crash – performed live

I spent the week in Rotterdam bringing David Cronenberg's 1996 film CRASH to the concert stage as part of the Rotterdam International Film Festival.  It was amazing music to produce, featuring 6 electric guitars, 3 harps, 3 woodwinds, 2 percussionists and 40 strings....

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The Song of Names – Coming Soon

The Song of Names premieres on December 25th. This film by François Girard, the director of The Red Violin, is a true testament to classical music, and features some of the most virtuosic pieces of music in the repertoire. I produced the music performances for the...

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Zilla and Zoe-Behind The Scenes

After a year spent waiting on the distributor's release schedule, Zilla and Zoe is at long last coming out! The film begins it's theatrical run in LA starting May 17th, and will soon be available on Video on Demand and Streaming. I used all sorts of zany instruments...

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REassembly- Smashed to Pieces RECOMPOSED

In this month's music video, I've taken the 1st piece from FRAMEWORKS, Smashed to Pieces, and recomposed this piece using digital synthesis and processing. All the notes are the same, but the outcome is vastly different. Which do you prefer, the acoustic...

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Get the Album first

The first 3 tracks on the new album will be released on 3.20.2020, but the rest of the album will not be available until this summer on the streaming platforms and stores. These platforms favor singles over albums for playlist placement.

So I will be sharing the entire album for email subscribers in a 7 day album experience. (Don't worry, it's just about building a community, not about spamming you with emails!).

On album release day, you will receive 1 email a day for 7 days that leads you to a behind the scenes look that details what each piece means, how it was written, and how it was recorded. You can download the high res audio (available nowhere else), stream the music, look at the scores, and learn how it was recorded.

Thank you for joining me on this musical journey! Check your email inbox (and Junk Mail!) for the Welcome email.