James Sizemore is a composer, arranger, and producer with notable credits in film and television. James’ music ranges from the additional music in the family film A Dog’s Purpose, to adding string arrangements to M Night Shamylan’s dark film Split.

James composed additional music and arranged and produced the score for the award winning film Spotlight. Previously James spent 3 years working with director Peter Jackson and composer Howard Shore, orchestrating and arranging the music for The Hobbit Trilogy.

With a versatile background in many musical styles, he has ranged from the big broadway musical numbers written for the recent OJ:The Musical  to the ambient soundscapes heard in David Cronenberg’s films Maps to the Stars and Cosmopolis. His versatility can also be heard in Jon Stewart’s film Rosewater, where ethnic Persian soloists intermingle with hip-hop and rock influences.

James has served on the faculty of New York University and the City University of New York, teaching classes on film sound and music. He lives in the Hudson Valley, NY with his wife and daughters.


The Song of Names – Coming Soon

The Song of Names premieres on December 25th. This film by François Girard, the director of The Red Violin, is a true testament to classical music, and features some of the most virtuosic pieces of music in the repertoire. I produced the music performances for the...

Zilla and Zoe-Behind The Scenes

After a year spent waiting on the distributor's release schedule, Zilla and Zoe is at long last coming out! The film begins it's theatrical run in LA starting May 17th, and will soon be available on Video on Demand and Streaming. I used all sorts of zany instruments...

REassembly- Smashed to Pieces RECOMPOSED

In this month's music video, I've taken the 1st piece from FRAMEWORKS, Smashed to Pieces, and recomposed this piece using digital synthesis and processing. All the notes are the same, but the outcome is vastly different. Which do you prefer, the acoustic...



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