This duet for viola and piano is another electronic reimagining of an earlier work. The skipping electronic background was made through processing my piano quintet Curve.

This piece is meant to capture the spirit of “Play”, when one is focused entirely on their activity, such as when I’m playing my guitar or games with my kids. The repeating phrases serve as doodles, little circular patterns which are then looped and layered electronically. 

Does the music capture a sense of playfulness? Listen to the high-res versions and hear the original piece Curve that was reinterpreted through electronics below. 

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In Ballet, a révérence is the final curtsy or bow that acknowledges the musicians and audience in a sign of respect. My piece acknowledges this practice as the last track on the album, but it is also meant to evoke the feeling of reverence and awe when faced with grandiosity.

I recorded an orchestra in a large cathedral for a film score recently, and I was in awe by the power from that sense of space. I hope this piece creates that sense of awe and reverence in you as well.

As a final video, I include some of my video artwork to accompany the piece. This video was all made using lights and colored gels and perfectly captures the reverence I was trying to express in the music. 

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The first 3 tracks on the new album will be released on 3.20.2020, but the rest of the album will not be available until this summer on the streaming platforms and stores. These platforms favor singles over albums for playlist placement.

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