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This piece reimagines another piece of mine, a string quartet called Corollary, which has been heavily stretched and processed through a process of granular synthesis. The slowly evolving harmonies of this electronic texture underline the slowly evolving music for piano and violin.  

The harmony and meter are left very ambiguous until the piano finally enters with the solid arpeggios, defining the pitch center and supporting the gorgeous violin solo performed by Maria Im.  

This piece is meant to capture the sense of patience that we can all experience, and while writing the piece I envisioned the mindset of watching the sun set over the ocean.

Watch the live performance video below, and see how the electronic textures were created. Download the Hi-Res 24 bit 48kHz wav files, or stream through soundcloud using the buttons below.

Soundcloud (Stream)
Download Hi-Res file

In this video you can take a look at how I used the software MetaSynth to reimagine my string quartet Corollary into the electronic  foundation for my piece Patience. Watch as I change the grain size and randomization of the granular syntheses processes to create this new texture.

The original string quartet, Corollary.

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