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I had been reading the excellent book Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid, and I became very interested in the idea of musical palindromes. For this piece, I used the image of the Penrose Stair for inspiration, as an homage to both the work of M.C. Esher, and also this wonderful book.

In the video below, take a sneak peak as I rehearse the timbre trills and bariolage bowing that is featured in the strings. These techniques are very unique to string instruments, and are very difficult to replicate in a computer demo. In the bonus content, check out the original computer demo of the piece to hear how much the live instruments shape the sound of the piece.

Download the Hi-Res 24 bit 48kHz wav files, or stream through soundcloud using the buttons below.

Soundcloud (Stream)
Download Hi-Res file
Alon Yavnai, piano

Cornelius Duffalo, violin

Jennifer Choi, violin

Yves Dharamraj, cello

Lev Ljova Zhurbun, viola

Computer Demo

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